Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a serious problem across the country. The good thing is that victims have powerful rights to fight sexual harassment in the workplace. A civil rights law firm like JLC can help you flex those rights against your employer.

Benefits of Hiring a Civil Rights Lawyer

  • Monetary damages for backpay and emotional distress
  • No fee unless you win your case
  • Closure knowing that justice is being done
  • Mental relief of having a lawyer with you at every step

You don’t have to hold your silence any longer. Contact JLC for a free and confidential consultation today.

Learn the Law on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What to do if you have been sexually harassed at work

Sexual harassment at work is still a problem across the United States. The #MeToo movement has shown us that even celebrities and other VIPs are not immune to sexual harassment. Organizations and lawmakers have done a lot of work to …

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How to File a Sexual Harassment Claim in Chicago: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sexual harassment is completely unacceptable. It can cause stress, mental health issues, and even affect a victim’s safety. Victims of sexual harassment in Chicago should know their rights.  In this article, Justice Legal Counsel provides a step-by-step guide to filing …

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Same Sex Harassment

Same sex harassment occurs far too often. Victims of same sex harassment might not file a complaint due to embarrassment, fear of retaliation, or simply not knowing that same sex harassment is illegal.  No one should have to endure harassment …

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illinois sexual harassment complaints

Common Sexual Harassment Claims in Illinois

Illinois law prohibits any form of unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace. There are two main types of sexual harassment claims under Illinois law: quid pro quo harassment and …

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