Your story is important. Your dignity is important. Your life is important.

Our Philosophy

Other law firms are the same. They claim to be the hero that rescues their clients from injustice. Justice Legal Counsel is different. We recognize that we are not the heroes of the story – you are.

You are the fearless plaintiffs of the lawsuit. You are the ones who’ve faced injustice. You are the one whose has sleepless nights, the stress, and the uncertainty of their situation. You are the ones who bravely decide that enough is enough and that you are going to stand up for your rights.

JLC is your sidekick. We play a supporting (yet critical) role in your story. We empower you by providing unparalleled legal advice and obsessive representation. But we never lose sight of who the hero is in the story. When our client wins a case, they win their case – not just JLC. 

Our Experience

JLC is led by a former US Department of Justice and Illinois Attorney General trial attorney. We’ve done trials (both jury and judge trials). We’ve litigated in both state and federal courts.

We are also uniquely Chicagoan. Our attorneys were born and raised in Chicago, attended Chicago Public Schools, and love our city and the people in it.

JLC was founded with a commitment to the principle of enforcing human rights laws by providing the highest quality representation to individuals facing discrimination. We take on the most complex and challenging cases with the representation each client deserves.

Our Process

Our case strategy is two-fold: Relentless investigation at each stage of litigation and trial-ready advocacy. 

Each case is staffed with an experienced trial attorney and investigator. The attorney oversees the investigation plan, monitors the gathering of evidence, and handles the civil litigation. The investigator gathers evidence before anything is filed and continues to do so until trial using all lawful means available, including witness interviews, site visits, surveillance, and subject research. We plan as if every case is going to trial to put our clients in the best position.

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