Is Sexual Harassment in College Illegal?

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in college is a serious problem that students might deal with. In Illinois, the Illinois Department of Human Rights is responsible for investigating charges of sexual harassment in college. Both males and females can be victims of sexual harassment. 

Sexual harassment in college claims can be filed against an education representative, such as an executive, faculty member, administrative staff member, or teaching assistant. This includes professors and graduate student TAs.

Sexual Harassment in College is Prohibited

The Illinois Human Rights Act explicitly prohibits sexual harassment in college. It prohibits a college representative from exhibiting sexual behavior that substantially interferes with the student’s educational performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment.

As an example, if a college professor is constantly making sexual remarks about you and that starts taking a toll on your educational performance, that can be enough to create a hostile college environment.

It also prohibits education institutions from failing to stop the sexual harassment after being informed of it. It also requires colleges in Illinois to provide students with information about state laws and policies that prohibit sexual harassment as well as where complaints of sexual harassment in college can be filed.

Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Harassment in College

Retaliation for opposing sexual harassment in college is also prohibited by the Illinois Human Rights Act. This means that if you report sexual harassment in college and the college retaliates against you (maybe by dropping you from your classes), you may have a case for retaliation.

How to File a Sexual Harassment in College Complaint

To file a complaint for sexual harassment in college, submit a completed Sexual Harassment in Education Complainant Information Sheet (CIS) either in person or by mail. This is something your lawyer can do on your behalf. The time limit for filing a charge with the Illinois Department of Human Rights is 300 days from the date of discrimination.

Students have a right to be free of sexual harassment in college. If you’re a victim of sexual harassment in college, you should know how and where to file a claim. 

Sexual harassment in college is not acceptable. Contact a lawyer who specializes in sexual harassment in college.

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